Saturday, March 9, 2013

New Items at TPT - Dragons!

After spending the last week with more free time and quiet than usual (My husband was able to pick the boys up almost every day) I found myself with some very rare free and quiet time.  I used it to get caught up on some planning, to organize things that I needed for my student teacher, and to complete my latest TPT unit.  This one is a dragon theme using math, literacy and writing to emphasize adding descriptive words to stories, bridging to 10 and number facts, true and false fact checking about Dragons, ABC order using words that describe dragons, and lots and lots of writing activities, along with a premade book activity for students to complete using their own imaginations and descriptions of their dragons (flashbacks to the amount of times I watched Pete's Dragon as a child).  I also included an extensive list of books that can be used with the unit, and a self written story that introduces the idea of what dragons are and what words describe them in a cute fictional way.  It sells for $5.00 for 65 pages of pure dragon-rificness.  I would love any feedback that you have for me!  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  We are gearing up for the 60's and 70's over here on the east side.  And an outdoor field trip Monday with warm temps.  That is unheard of!

Check it out here at my TPT Store:

Dragon Theme Literacy, Math, and Writing Unit